May 2013 Newsletter

Jozy Fine Art Newsletter

May 2013


Visit our Grand Opening: May 25, 2013

I am very excited about Jozy Fine Art’s Grand Opening on May 25th, because it is my opportunity to introduce you to my new gallery and some of the artists I’ll be representing this year. Paris resident Lynn Shaler, a renowned aquatint etch artist widely collected in New England, New York, and Paris, surprised me in February by announcing that she will attend the Grand Opening. Lynn is a delightful woman who will be available to answer questions about her work. She will also return on August 10th for a Saturday event, The French Affair, that will show many of her fine, detailed images of Paris. She will conduct a talk at the gallery on Sunday, August 11th to explain the meticulous process she uses to product her etchings and prints. Some images of Lynn’s work are shown below.

Many New England images of local fine art photographer L. Robert Jasper will be featured at the Opening. He will also be available to answer questions and, for those who have a particular interest in photography, discuss his process for producing such evocative prints. He will attend other shows this year including Art in Nature, June 15th, American Scenes, August 31st, and Homecoming-Art on the Cape, October 12th. See some Jasper images below.

The Grand Opening will be a festive event with wine, light refreshments, and beautiful music.

As a special treat, Cape Cod resident and vintner Joseph Carr will serve his award-winning wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma County and the Red Hills of Northern California. His brands Joseph Carr and Josh Cellars are handcrafted wines produced by his family-owned company.

And to delight your ears, we’ll have an appearance by Cape Symphony Orchestra flutist Mariellen Sears. Mariellen has been performing on the Cape for over twenty-five years and is the founding member of the Scorton Chamber Ensemble.

Join us from 5pm to 7pm!

This year Jozy Fine Art will be open from May 25th through December from 11am to 5pm Monday and Wednesday through Sunday (closed Tuesdays)…   Jozy


NOW SHOWING: “Reimagine New England”

New England is a region of familiar images. Iconic light houses, stormy waves crashing on the beach, boats moored in the fog, but it’s much more than the familiar. A Porcupine Island in Maine shrouded in fog, a toy horse in a window, different interpretations of a pond in autumn. The current show features both recognizable and unfamiliar images in the fine art photography of L. Robert Jasper and Lou Clark. Also offered are aquatint etchings by Lynn Shaler; oils, acrylics, and mixed media by Iva Liebert; and handcrafted jewelry by Jayne Capps.

Lou Clark, of St. Charles, Missouri and L. Robert Jasper of Cape Cod are both fine art photographers who have captured New England in very different ways. Jasper has an eye for fine detail, and his photography demonstrates his skill at composition and painstaking printing. Clark sees a more expansive scene. His photography features broad landscapes, the moon and sun, the softness of a pond on an autumn afternoon.

Also showing are the aquatint etchings of renowned Parisian artist Lynn Shaler. Many of her French scenes are available for viewing, but she has surprised us with some New England pieces as well. Iva Liebert has lived most of her life in New England, and presents views in oils and acrylics. Liebert’s other work ranges from charming Bearscapes to portraits of three women Disgruntled 1, Disappointed 2, and Resentful 3. Jayne Capps of Stillwater, Oklahoma, has been crafting handmade jewelry for many years. Our collection will feature some of her newest work.

Mariellen Sears to Appear at Grand Opening

Mariellen Sears to Appear

We are delighted that we’ll have an appearance by Cape Cod Symphony flutist Mariellen Sears. Mariellen has been performing on the Cape for over twenty-five years and is the founding member of the Scorton Chamber Ensemble.

About the Gallery

About the Gallery

I am a long time collector of art from both new artists and the well known. My vision for Jozy Fine Art is a gallery that will present work from artists long collected while providing a venue for new talent struggling for attention. I like themes, so in our first year I’ll use some of my favorites to feature oils and acrylics, aquatint etching, fine art photography, and handcrafted jewelry. The gallery space is open and comfortable – meant to welcome all visitors… Jozy