The Future of Jozy Fine Art

The last three years since Jozy Fine Art opened have been exciting, informative, at times disappointing, and always enlightening. I’ve learned so much – about art, gallery operations, and myself.Jozy-10001

My eternal gratitude to everyone who has contributed to my endeavor:

To L. Robert Jasper, my loving husband and astonishing photographer. You and your work have delighted me throughout our forty-five year marriage. Thank you for your support and understanding. Looking forward to our next adventure!

To Lou Clark, photographer extraordinaire, what a joy it’s been to work with you. Your computer savvy has produced the most delicious web site, mailers, newsletters, and all other matters that needed technical and artistic support. Your fine art photography is wonderful and lights up the gallery every day.

To Iva Liebert who brought customers and admirers to the door. Thank you for all your work – so much of which I now own! It has been such a pleasure to watch you develop into the fine artist you have become.

To Jayne Capps, my only jeweler! What beautiful pieces you’ve provided to Jozy Fine Art. It was a privilege to show your work and watch customers oooh and aaaah over it. I wish you much success in the future.

To Lynn Shaler, the known, respected, and collected artist whose work was shown in her only “Shaler Room.” I enjoyed and collected your work for many years before I ever thought of owning a gallery. It’s been so lovely to see your beautiful etchings every day. Thank you.

To Karen North Wells, the successful Cape Cod artist. Although our gallery relationship has been a short one, I’ve enjoyed hanging your work and hosting your receptions. I wish you continued success.


Although the Orleans gallery has closed, the fine art photography of Lou Clark and L. Robert Jasper, the popular Paintings of Iva Liebert, and the fine, limited-edition etchings of Lynn Shaler will remain available for purchase on our website.

Moving the artwork and updating our website to display our complete collections is a huge job, and we are still working to accomplish that task. Meanwhile, however, we are available to discuss the work or take orders for shipment. Please contact me or Lou Clark for information on availability and pricing … Jozy