September 2015 Jozy Fine Art Newletter

Jozy Fine Art Newsletter                                    September 2015

Lynn Shaler Reception and Talk

We had quite the festive crowd at Lynn’s reception. So many people who are interested in her work haven’t been able to find her since Wellfleet’s Jacob Fanning Gallery closed in 2006 . Now they’ve found her, and she had a wonderful time discussing her latest work.

Lynn followed the reception with a lively discussion on Sunday. We had about twenty-five art enthusiasts who listened to Lynn explain how and why she, and many other artists, number their limited edition works. We were fortunate to have both a unique artist’s proof and a production representation of her work to show to the attendees  – it’s always more meaningful to see the results.

There were many questions that Lynn deftly answered; she’s been doing limited edition etchings for thirty-five years! People are amazed at the level of detail that goes into her work. She had illustrations of each printing of the copper plates that create her work while I held the finished etching that has been highlighted, matted, and framed. Truly, an informative and fascinating afternoon.

Iva Liebert’s Champagne Reception

So, “It was a dark and stormy night” is a cliché opening many novels. It wasn’t yet dark, but it was certainly a rainy night when Iva Liebert’s Reception opened. We were competing with the Pops in the Park performance and hoping a rain date would move everyone to the gallery.

Despite rain and competition, we had a huge crowd at the show. Everyone was impressed with Iva’s latest work while continuing to enjoy her small series that have remained so popular. The champagne flowed, Denya LeVine entranced us with her plaintive fiddle music, and the conversation never stopped. It was so gratifying to see Iva’s friends and collectors, some of whom had to make a concentrated effort to get here.

Congratulations to Iva and the many people who have added to their collections. Her large works were removed to her Northampton studio on August, 27th, but her small works remain in the gallery through October 11th.

OUR NEXT SHOW: Fine Art Photography from a European River Cruise

I have looked forward to my Labor Day weekend show all year, because I was the lucky tagalong on the river cruise that inspired the fine art photography of Lou Clark and L. Robert Jasper. Both will attend the show to visit with patrons and collectors and discuss their work from last year’s cruise on the Danube, Main, and Rhine. Join us for wine, cheese, and conversation Saturday, September 5th, 5-7pm.

Final Show of the Season

We’ll celebrate Cape Cod’s second season Columbus Day weekend with a very special reception featuring small works by all the fine artists represented by Jozy. New England photography, both small and large, will also be shown.  This show offers a great opportunity to start holiday shopping early and enjoy refreshments on Saturday, October 10th. Note the expanded time from 11:00am until 7:00pm.


Evenings begin to cool, and the summer visitors have headed home. Our Fall visitors will arrive soon, and there are many exhibits and events to attend.

September 26 and 27, 10AM – 4PM
Paletteworks @ Harvest Festival – Palette Works by Stephen Roth
Rt 3 6-A
For information: 508-737-7788

September 4 and 5, 10-5PM, September 6, 10-4PM
By the Bay Shows Juried Festival of the Arts
Drummer Boy Field
733 Main Street
For information:

August 31 – September 27, 11AM – 6PM
HyArts Artist Shanty Season – Colorful “seaside studios” featuring work by local artists
180 Ocean Street
For information:

Now through 9/6
Marine Fine Art Exhibit
Cape Cod Maritime Museum
135 South St.
For information:

Now through September 20
The Lure of the Sea – Sea-themed art by twelve artists and a photographer
Woodruff’s Art Center
1 North Market Street (Mashpee Commons)
For information: 508-477-5767

July 31 – August 6
Eastwind Gallery’s Featured Artist, Joan Jacobson
Eastwind Gallery
34 Main Street
For information: 508-240-2133

September 12, 5-7PM
Marc Kundmann One Man Show: Illuminations Reception
Addison Art Gallery
54 Route 28 (So Orleans Rd,) Orleans
For information: 508-255-6200

September 1 – November 1
Ed Branson, Glass and Nature – Truly amazing art!
Sandwich Glass Museum – Contemporary Gallery
129 Main Street
For information: 508-888-0251

Now through October 25
Special Exhibit: Cutting Edge – A New Perspective on Glass
Sandwich Glass Musuem
129 Main Street
For information: 508-888-0251

September 12-13, 10AM – 4PM
Bird Carvers’ & Wildlife Arts Show and Sale
Presented by Thornton W. Burgess Society
Green Briar Nature Center
6 Discovery Hill Rd., East Sandwich
For information: 508-888-6870

Now through September 27
The Wyeths: America Reflected Special Exhibition (Free with Museum Admission
Heritage Museums & Gardens
67 Grove Street, Sandwich
For information: 508-888-3300

September 16 – 27
Exhibits by Kat Sylvester, Northside Artists, and Linda Keene
Cultural Center of Cape Cod
307 Old Main Street
For hours and information: 508-394-7100

September 30 – October 11
Exhibits by Robert Best, Mel Leipzig, and Julie DeMello – Paintings and Photographs
Cultural Center of Cape Cod
307 Old Main Street
For hours and information: 508-394-7100

Now through September 20
Janet Hymowitz: The Elements/ Air, Water, Earth
Wellfleet Preservation Hall
335 Main Street
For information: 508-349-1800


About the Gallery

I am a long time collector of art from both new artists and the well known. My vision for Jozy Fine Art is a gallery that will present work from artists long collected while providing a venue for new talent struggling for attention. I like themes, so we’ll use some of my favorites to feature oils and acrylics, aquatint etching, fine art photography, and handcrafted jewelry. The gallery space is open and comfortable – meant to welcome all visitors… Jozy